The craft of straight razor shaving has made its return and it's here to stay. Build confidence in this service that can yield a welcome addition to your income as a sought after service, as well as increased product sales.


State Board Exam

Upon completing required clock hours, you will have to be ready to pass the state board examinations, both written and practical. Our curriculum is balanced in theory, as well as the actual state board practical procedure. Currently Licensed cosmetologists can get their barbering license in 300 hours instead of 1500. 


Job placement opportunities are always readily accessible for talented professionals. Upscale, fun filled, boutique male specific salons are options of employment for a prepared Barber. 



Gentlemen look to their barber to keep them abreast of the latest trends. Especially how to make it their own.


Blade Craft Barber Academy understands the importance of networking in order to build a successful career. You will be exposed to a variety of topics in order to help you build rapport with your ideal clientele.


Upscale clientele appreciates a certain level of service. True customer service shines through the intangibles.


Understand the importance of maximizing your license and establishing yourself as the professional. We take 12 weeks to go in depth on array of fundamental business practices.