Diversity is key in catering to the modern man. Our instructors are comfortable with any type of hair, and method of cutting. With a firm grasp of the classics, the modern, and how to yield masculine results throughout the service.

How We Do Things

When you sit in our chair you will be pampered like a fine gentleman should be. After a brief consultation we will tailor the haircut that suits your needs. Lay back, relax, and enjoy an invigorating scalp massage. Try not to fall asleep during a revitalizing facial treatment. We add a straight razor neck shave, and finish with a perfect style out. Additional services include our world famous beard shaping, or a complete unmasking straight razor shave.


Keep your street cred by letting people know you went under the blade, and we won't let them know you snored a little.



A detailed haircut to get your swagger back. Includes Shampoo, conditioning scalp massage, facial treatment, and style out. 



Did I mention we have COMPLIMENTARY local beer and top shelf liquor? 

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Our beard shaping is a relaxing, luxury experience, and the top-shelf beverage helps ease the nerves. There are hot towels, fresh handmade lather and well... We'll see you soon. 


Services are done by Blade Craft Apprentices under the skilled and watchful eye of our Blade Masters. 

Blade Craft is also available for various events such as groom parties, wedding days, birthdays and corporate team building events. Feel free to email us at info@bladecraftbarber.com