Blade Craft Barber Academy will contact the applicant either by phone, email, or written notification

indicating acceptance or non-acceptance within seven (7) business days following interviews with

school officials. Prior to starting class, enrollees must meet the applicable program requirements,

and provide the following:

High School Diploma or GED

• Driver’s License

• Proof of Citizenship or immigration status (Social Security Card, green card)

• Registration Fee ($150)

• 3 Passport Photos

• Payments -Tuition-Blade Craft Kit-TDLR Permit Fees

• 2 Recommendation Letters

• Typed Entrance Essay:

Why Blade Craft Barber Academy?

Why you are a good candidate?

How will this certification assist you in a positive way?


Depending on the program you are enrolling in, you may also need the following:

1. Master Apprentice Only- BARBER INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM-Current and active Class A Barber License

2. Transfer Students Only- Transcript from Barber School

3. Blade Apprentice Only- 300 hour CLASS A BARBER CROSSOVER PROGRAM-Current and active Texas Cosmetology License



• Complete Contractual Enrollment Agreement

• Financial Planning Appointment

• The Student Handbook is reviewed on Initiation Day



Blade Craft Barber Academy offers personalized interest free payment options while in school. Feel free to ask questions during your financial planning interview.

Download our informational PDF's below or contact us at info@bladecraftbarber.com